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Google My Business Post Image Size [Updated 2018]


Google My Business Post Image Size [Updated 2018]

What’s the best Google My Business Post image size?

Here’s the correct Google My Business Post image size and other requirements at a glance:

  • Minimum size of 720 pixels wide and 540 pixels tall
  • JPGPNG or GIF file format
  • 4:3 Aspect ratio
  • Minimum file size of 10KB
  • Maximum file size of 5MB

Optimizing your image

Its important to optimize the image of your post in order to make it stand out in the local search results. Here’s a couple of tips and tricks you can apply to make your image look awesome:

  1. Center the subject of your image vertically and horizontally. Images with a different aspect ratio than the recommended 4:3 will get cropped. Meaning part of the image may be chopped off, or filled up with ugly black bars. Guilty as charged:
  2. Put the title of your post in the image, or when creating offer posts, put your coupon code in there.
  3. Use bright colors and bold letters. Images like that will immediately jump out in an otherwise bland search results page.
  4. Similarly, when using a photo as a post image, choose a high quality, well-lit photo with bright colors. Pixabay and Pexels are great sources for high quality stock photo’s which are free for commercial use.
  5. If your business in is located in the US, you can use Small Thanks with Google to generate personalized marketing materials, which can be used for your posts.
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