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Flickr Setup


Flickr uses OAuth 1.0 for authentication and authorization. You need to setup Flickr Application, connect this application to your blog and authorize it.

Please see the instructions below:

Flickr Configuration

1. Create a Flickr app.

1. Login to your Flickr account.
2. Go to the Developers “App Garden”->Create new App:

3. Choose your app type. Selecting “Commercial” or “Non-Commercial” will make no technical difference. Most probably you need to choose “Non-Commercial”.


4. Fill required fields like “App Name” and “Description”, agree to terms, click “SUBMIT”


– Notice Key and Secret


Your App is ready to use.


2. Connect Flickr to your WordPress Site.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Post To Social Networks Options.
2. Click green “Add new account” button, select “Flickr” from the list.
3. Fill “Key” and “Secret” from step 4 above.



You can fill SET ID if you would like those images to be added to the set. Your set ID is the part of your set’s URL:




3. Authorize Flickr for your WordPress site.

1. Click “Update Settings”. Notice new link “Authorize Your Flickr Account”.



2. Click “Authorize Your Flickr Account” and follow the authorization wizard. Flickr will ask you to allow access to your account.




4. Your Flickr account is ready to use.


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