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Instagram Setup


Instagram uses simple username/password login system.

Please see the instructions below:


[Important Notice] You can’t use plugin with Facebook or Google+ Instagram accounts. You need to have a native Instagram account.


1. Connect Instagram to your WordPress.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Post To Social Networks Option.
2. Click green “Add new account” button, select “Instagram” from the list.
3. Fill your Instagram username and password.


5. Your Instagram account is ready to use.

Image Format

1. Extended.

Image is extended by the longer side to make it square. The whole image will be seen in the stream and in the full view. In the stream image will appear smaller.




2. Cropped.

Image is cropped to make it square. Some parts of the image will be permanently removed.




3. Untouched.

Image is untouched. Instagram will crop image for the stream. Could cause “Uploaded image isn’t in an allowed aspect ratio” Error




How to avoid Instagram’s SPAM filter


Instagram has a SPAM filter. That filter does not care about autoposting, but it does notice some things that are hard/unusual to do from the phone, but very easy from the SBC. As we said numerous times, “SBC is not a tool for breaking the rules, terms and conditions”.

  • – New accounts. Instagram always watches new accounts assuming they were created by spammers. The older your account, the less likely it will be considered as “spamming account”.
  • – Instagram does not support links at all. You can put URL to your description, but it won’t be clickable. Instagram considers all posts with URLs as suspicious, but most of all Instagram hates shortened URLs. Almost 100% of posts with shortened URLs will be considered as spam and deleted.
  • – Hashtags usage. Please do not include most popular tags. Instagram considers all posts with most popular tags as suspicious.
  • – Do not post more then humanely possible. If you post 5 posts per minute 24/7, your account will be noticed.

if you already got hit by SPAM filter, please try to make several posts from your phone without any links or hashtags. Instagram will unmark your account as “Spammer” after some time.





[February 2018] Instagram was acquired by Facebook about 6 years ago. It looks like they finally started integrating Instagram in the global Facebook infrastructure.


A lot of changes were made to Instagram internal structure December 2017-February 2018.

We are monitoring the situation and releasing new fixes and updates we soon as possible. Please always use the latest version.


If none of that works for you, please see the Alternative Instagram Configuration Instructions 


How to get Session ID


1. Login to your Instagram account in any modern Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari). 

2. Open Development console. Press F12 or do a right click and select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" from the menu. 

3. Open a tab with stored page items. That tab called "Storage" in Firefox, "Application" in Chrome and "Debugger" in MS Edge. 

4. Click on "Cookies", then on "" 

5. Find a cookie with the name "sessionid". Double click on the value and copy it. 

Google Chrome: 








Microsoft Edge: 




6. Paste this value to the "Session ID" field in the plugin. 




7. Save Settings, try to post. 


You are done setting your SBC Account.


[VERY Important] Please DO NOT logout from Instagram in the browser where you got the session. You can close the browser, but don't click "Logout" button. Logout will destroy the session and autoposting will stop working. You will need to get a new session ID if you logout.


If you need to set several different accounts, you can open an "Incognito" window in your browser, login, get a session ID and close the window. Then you can open another "Incognito" window for the next account. Just don't ever click "logout" button. 

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