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Tumblr Setup


Tumblr uses OAuth to provide authorized access to its API. You need to register Tumblr application and get “OAuth Consumer Key” and “Secret Key”. Then you will need to authorize your WordPress blog.

Tumblr Configuration

1. Create a Tumblr app for your website.

1. Login to your Tumblr account.
2. Go to the Tumblr Developers page:
3. Click “Register application” button.


Create New App


Fill “Application Name”, “Application Website”, all other fields (just enter your website URL to the “Default callback URL”) and click Register”.

Please use your own information, don’t literally re-type “



4. Click “Show secret key”



– Notice OAuth Consumer Key and Secret Key: on this page.




2. Connect Tumblr to your WordPress.

1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Post To Social Networks Option.
2. Click green “Add new account” button, select “Tumblr” from the list.
3. Fill “OAuth Consumer Key “Secret Key” from step 4 above.
4. Click “Add Account”.

3. Authorize Tumblr for your WordPress.

1. Find the new Tumblr account in the list, click “Show Settings”. Notice new link “Authorize Your Tumblr Account”.
2. Click “Authorize Your Tumblr Account” and follow the authorization wizard.
3. Notice new dropdown “Where to Post”. Select the blog you would like to post from that dropdown.
4. Your Tumblr is ready to use.



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