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Facebook Setup


Facebook Instructions

SBC Supports two different APIs for Facebook.

You can chose what API to use.  (Please see here why there are two different API's for Facebook)





1. Native Facebook API:

Free official built-in API from Facebook. Requires review and approval from Facebook.  Can post to  Pages and Groups if/once Facebook approves your request.
Advantages: Free. Official.

Disadvantages:  Can be used only if Facebook approves your app. (Current review/approval time is 8-10 weeks). Very complicated to setup. Unstable. Your site must use HTTPS.


>>>  Please see here for Native Facebook API Configuration Instructions


2. SBC API for Facebook:

Premium API with extended functionality. Can post to Profiles, Pages and Groups. Very easy to setup.

Advantages: Can post to Profiles, Pages and Groups. No waiting and no review is required. Very easy to setup.
Disadvantages:  Not Free. Unofficial.


SBC API for Facebook could be used instead of official native Facebook API.

SBC API for Facebook could post:


1. Facebook Profile.
2. Facebook Pages (all kinds).
3. Public Groups. User should be at least a member of the  group.
4. Closed Groups. User should be at least a member of the group.
5. Secret Groups. User should be at least a member of the group.

You can use your user ID and active session ID to Connect your site to Facebook



1.1. Login to your WordPress Admin Panel, Go to the Settings->Post To Social Sites Options.

1.2. Click green “Add new account” button, select “Facebook” from the list.

1.3. Select NexctScripts API from the dropdown.






How to get user ID and Session ID

2.1. Open new "Incognito" (Chrome), "Private" (Firefox) or "InPrivate" (MS Edge) window and login to your Facebook account.

2.2. Open Development console. Press F12 or do a right-click and select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element" from the menu.

2.3. Open a tab with stored page items. That tab called "Storage" in Firefox, "Application" in Chrome and "Debugger" in MS Edge.


2.4. Click on "Cookies", then on ""

2.5. Find a cookie with the name "c_user". Double click on the value and copy it.

2.6. Paste c_user value to the "Facebook User ID (c_user)" field in the plugin.

2.5. Find a cookie with the name "xs". Double click on the value and copy it.

2.6. Paste xs value to the "Session ID (xs)" field in the plugin.

2.7. Close that Incognito/Private/InPrivate window. [VERY Important] Please DO NOT logout from Facebook before closing that window.

Google Chrome:








MS Edge:




2.7. Save Settings.

2.8. Plugin will retreive the list of your pages and groups. Please select your profile, page or group from the list or enter the custom page/group ID or URL.


You are done setting your SBC Settings.


[VERY Important] Please DO NOT logout from Facebook in the browser where you got the session. You can close the browser, but don't click "Logout" button. Logout will destroy the session and autoposting will stop working. You will need to get a new session ID if you logout.


If you need to set several different accounts, you can open an "Incognito" window in your browser, login, get a session ID and close the window. Then you can open another "Incognito" window for the next account. Just don't ever click "logout" button.

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